Our Strategy

We are committed to improving the conditions for economic, social and cultural integration of minority ethnic communities who have difficulties in integrating in the UK society.

The Context

The United Kingdom is home to people of diverse racial, ethnic, religious and national backgrounds, and its economy and cultures have been enriched by the contributions of migrants from around the world. Despite Brexit, following the EU referendum outcome, migratory movements will continue to shape the United Kingdom society and the tasks of appreciating diversity and managing differences will remain a daunting challenge.

While progress have been made by migrants themselves in adapting to the UK society, many of them, some after decades of settlement, continues to suffer economic and social disadvantages.

Our Services To Minority Communities Includes:

  • Providing access to Education and Training: basic training in computing skills, Job Search and Interview Skills, CV writing etc.
  • Promoting cultural understanding and awareness.
  • Providing access to public health education and enlightenment on health problems: diabetes, coronal/congenital heart diseases – prevalent amongst migrants from Africa/Asia and the Caribbean.

Our community based social development program also delivers lectures and symposiums on other economic and social issues relevant to the minority groups and conduct research as necessary. 


Total Estimated Population 2016

55.04 Million


Refugees and Asylum Seekers



Rank In Human Development Index

14 of 188