Who We Are

Development of Nations Economy (DONE) is an international charity registered with the UK Charity Commission (1131627). DONE helps secure sustainable improvements in the lives of the most disadvantaged people in the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa by addressing the problem of poverty and its underlying causes. Through participatory development programmes, we specialize in education, health, empowering women and girls, emergency response and climate change. The work of DONE supports the efforts of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals, particularly the eradication of poverty and hunger, achieving basic education, combating HIV/AIDS, improving child and maternal health.

Our Vision

A poverty free world in which peace, equity and justice are upheld and our environment protected.

Our Mission

Established in 2008, DONE seeks to secure sustainable improvements in the lives of poor and vulnerable populations in the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa by tackling the problem of poverty and disease through participatory development programmes.


We support local communities in the most cost-effective and sustainable way. We do this by working withhighly skilled volunteers.

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The charity’s activities are overseen by the trustees who meet regularly to discuss the activities, programmes and budgets.

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DONE is a UK charity commission registered charity that carefully and conscientiously oversees the generous contributions from its donors.

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What we Do

Done is changing the lives of the poorest, most vulnerable women and children, both in the UK and across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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