Our Strategy

We are committed to working with local partners within the north eastern province of Kenya, to provide access to education, food, water and sanitation for local communities.

The Context

The North Eastern Province, which is the third largest province in Kenya, faces a serious problem of water and food supplies, as the climate is semi-arid and hot. Characterised by sporadic rain falls, which are often infrequent, the hot temperatures and extreme evaporation make the region a base for nomadic pastoralist.

Apart from a few tributaries of the Jubba River, there is significantly no presence of rivers in the region. The severe drought, a resultant effect of climate change has further compounded the problem as villages now faces severe hunger and water scarcity.

Our Work

  • Education: Increasing access to quality education.
  • Health: Promoting maternal-child health and nutrition programs, including community mother groups that facilitate healthy behavior change.
  • Agriculture & Food: Training farmer groups in business skills to grow subsistence plots to small-scale commercial farming operations.
  • Creating Awareness and Providing Support for HIV/AIDS Patients.


Total Estimated Population 2016

45.5 million


Refugees and asylum seekers



Rank In Human Development Index

145 of 188